10 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2

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Internal 360 - drawing on paper

Untitled - oil painting

Chanelle Walshe

Chanelle Walshe is an artist based in Dublin. Her diverse practice includes painting, drawing, sculpture and photography, all of which interconnect to strengthen and unify her work.

Thematics in her work have narrated breakthrough moments within the human psychic. These “moments” or “epiphany moments” exist as drawings and paintings depicting cocoons and restrictive forms in various stages of opening and closing.

Walshe turns to the chaos of the outdoors, organic forms and the human body to dwell on themes of entrapment, relief and exposure, and to place them within a physical realm upon which to interpret and conceive an artwork.

Walshe graduated from the National College of Art and Design Dublin in 2010. Exhibitions include The 182nd Annual Exhibition at the RHA in Dublin and ‘On Departure’ at The Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast.

Previous Occupants

Everywhere Is A Playground 2007

Portable Wall 2007

Emma Houlihan

Emma Houlihan is a visual artist based in Dublin. She holds a BA in Political Science and a BFA in Sculpture. She is the co-founder of artist-led initiative Human Resources who have implemented off site shows in 2005 and 2007 in Barons Self-Storage, Galway. Residencies include Platform, Vaasa, Finland and Fragmented City, Como, Italy. Recent exhibitions include ev+a 2008, Limerick. She was the recipient of the Emerging Artist Award 2007/08 from the National Sculpture Factory, Cork. Her practice is rooted in exploration and navigation, in how we make do, survive and thrive.


Infant Exterminator 2003

Alan Butler

Alan Butler is an artist living and working in Dublin.
T: +353863048310
E: info@newmediaart.co.uk


Conspicuous Consumption (After Mondrian) 2006

Niall Flaherty

As a painter, sculptor and media artist I examine the social, political and economic forces that affect my life. I think of these efforts whether objects or projects as elements in an array, a metaphor for further examples of themselves. Easily copyable viral machines. 


Attempt at a perfect recording... 2006

Cliona Harmey

Cliona Harmey is an Irish artist who works across a variety of media including video installation, photography and the Internet. Her primary degree is in Fine Art Sculpture. She recently completed an MA in Visual Practices at IADT, Dublin. Much of her work is about the process of recording, particularly small mutable phenomena. A new area of exploration for her is the area of physical user interfaces. Recent Shows include "The Last Blue Sky at Mothers Tankstation, Volume III, Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Timeline  at G126 Galway.