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Untitled 2012

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Untitled II 2012

Eoin Moylan, Photographer


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Niamh Davis

Niamh Davis is a Dublin-based interdisciplinary artist who's work thematically explores human emotions. Using universal themes deriving inspiration from sources as diverse as reality TV to Beckett, from personal love letters to the French philosopher Alain Badiou's theories on love, Niamh seeks to evoke a different emotion within each viewer, allowing for open-ended interpretation. A graduate of Crawford College of Art and Design, Niamh has exhibited extensively both internationally and in Ireland.


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Jennie Guy

Jennie Guy is an artist and curator based in Dublin. Her practice embraces visual, textual, performance, and event-based output, initiating both formal and informal collaborations and participative environments that feed off of other artists as well as her audience. These situations act as mirrors that destabilize the intent of both the creator and the observer, complicating notions of self, community, and the rituals surrounding artistic production, seeking new modes of observation and response. Within these activities, Guy portrays herself as simultaneously a confident, generous host and a neurotic, fragmented ego, struggling to identify a course of action.

Guy studied history and literature at Trinity College, Dublin and recently completed an MA in Visual Arts Practices, IADT, Dublin. Guy's writing has been featured in both Irish and international publications.


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Cleo Fagan

Cleo Fagan is a curator and arts administrator. She is interested in work that shrinks the distance between audience and artwork and makes the audience a participant in the work. The idea of art as a gift is one that occupies my practice: a gift that potentially invites thought, questioning, a sense of vitality, possibility and perhaps empowerment in those that feel invited to openly encounter it. Outside of a small ‘art fluent’ audience I question how receptive the public is to this ‘gift’.

With recent project [pause], I observed the potential for certain participative work to be accessible to a broader spectrum of people. This accessibility I feel derives from the multiple entry points at which to access and experience the work, the engagement of the body in reception of the work, the playful, perhaps gentle, approach taken and the sense of adventure inherent in process of engagement.  

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Experiments in Sonic Reproduction

Jennie Moran

Jennie Moran is a Dublin based cultural producer who uses her practice to create opportunities for hospitality. She has gathered knowledge through a degree in sculpture at the National College of Art and Design; international residencies at Fondazione Ratti, Italy, Galleria Blanda, Buenos Aires and NES Iceland. She was selected Artist in Residence at Airfield funded by Dun Laoghaire CoCo in 2008 resulting in a solo exhibition entitled A Space That Gives You The Possibility To Think Something Else. Her projects have been facilitated by Dublin City Council Art Bursary 2006, an Arts Council Project Award 2007 and Arts Council Artist in the Community Award 2009. She has worked with Kildare local authority, Leitrim Sculpture Centre, curators/ cultural consultants Marjetica Potrc, Sally Timmons and Sarah Searson. She is also part of collaborative projects, Hope Inherent and Poetic Geographies.


Nida 2008

Stuart 2007

Susan Gogan

Susan Gogan is an artist working primarily with photography, using cinematic language within large-scale photographic pieces to examine our relationships with the urban and suburban spatial environments where we live, work and communicate with each other.  Cinema has had a significant influence on her work and she is currently expanding her practice to include moving image.  Recent work includes an 11-month long collaborative project with a group of migrant domestic workers in association with Migrant Rights Centre Ireland.  Susan has exhibited in the US, Australia and widely across Ireland.  She lives and works in Dublin.